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Obviously, I didn’t triple my caloric intake overnight and get away with it.

Today I want to address how I personally set about repairing my metabolism, and some of the methods I use with my clients.

At this stage, I still planned to compete in figure but I didn’t know when, so I felt I could relax a little about sculpting the ‘perfect’ physique.

Up until this point, I had been following a loose meal plan, with approximate amounts of protein and fats throughout the day as well as carbohydrates pre- and post-workout only.

Mentally, it was easier to eat more food when my portions were smaller.

I also switched from having three meals per day to seven.In this post, Phil Learney even states that those with an impaired insulin response should avoid cheat meals altogether.I started to become obsessed with food again, whether I was bulking or cutting.It was a sudden and not gradual increase, yet I still saw an immediate weight loss.Once my body realised it was being fed properly, it stopped holding on to fat and actually did what I wanted it to.

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