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This system has content from 30 Korean terrestrial TV channels and provides varying types of qualities (mobile, standard, high and ultra-definition) for smartphone, tablet and personal computer.

All size of files (300Mbyte ~ 4GByte) can be safely transferred.

Even when transferring low sized mass files, it can keep an average transfer speed of 450MB/sec. One medical treatment request contains various large-size files (ultrasonic, endoscopic and x-ray files, etc.).

Unlimited file size and number of files Stable transfers in unstable networks Administrators can transfer large files that are more than 10TB at high-speeds between servers regardless of file sizes and distances.When users transfer mass files, the number of files is more than 1,000 in a single process.This system exchanges a lot of news image files with foreign news companies such as AP, AFP, Reuters, EPA, DPA, TASS, Xinhua, Kyodo and NYT, etc.HTTPS MITM(man-in-the-middle) Attack HTTPS Session Hijacking Forbidden Attack Anyone can lower your SSL underwear and see inside.Many experts say that HTTPS, SFTP are very vulnerable to file leakage.

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