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Most monsters in Supernatural the viewer cannot relate to, but you may find yourself actually rooting for this monster.

Also, the Winchesters' cover roles are funny, and a welcome change to their most common roles as FBI agents with names of rock/hard rock/metal musicians.

And the casting of young Sam and young Dean is excellent.

Colin Ford and Brock Kelly should not go unemployed as actors.

See more » It is stated multiple times throughout the series that Dean and Sam are four years apart, meaning they would never be in high school together. The success of the episode, however, rests on not just how interesting the past and the present story lines are – it depends on how meaningful the connection between them is.

You discover in the flashbacks that Sam was in eighth grade and therefore would've been in middle school, not high school. The past gives us rather good insight on why Sam was not in the family business at the start of Season 1 and why Dean is, well, Dean.

On him: Original Penguin's mulicolored cotton jersey sweater, at Original Penguin, New York, Thom Browne's gray wool trousers, at Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey, New York; Ron Herman, Los Angeles. On her: Alberta Ferretti's silk chiffon dress, at Maxfield, Los Angeles; Mix, Houston.John Currin's Healthcare Worker, 2003, ink and gouache on prepared paper, from the collection of Rosette Delug, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles.Beauty Note: Simmer down with Estee Lauder After-Sun Rehydrator for the Body, a cooling treatment that not only soothes skin but also prolongs a tan.Finally, there needs to be a reason why the monster has not become active *until* now, and the writers come up with a plausible reason that follows the rules established by the series.The connection between the past and the present is meaningful in more ways than one.

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