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En el único lugar donde perdura mucho incluso despues de bañarme es en el cabello... i owned a couple bottles of this fragrance a long time ago.

I bought this one blind after reading lots of interesting reviews on here and I'm not disappointed. It is so beastly in performance from what i remember this scent will fill up a room and it will show up before you even get inside the building lol. I would go light on the sprays using this fragrance.

Am leaving in warm equieterial weather and this scent is a perfect in here I use only two hardly three sprays and it fills the room .

What a gorgeous scent It started as a sweet pungent mix of white flowers which dies down immediately to sweet neroli powderry Fougere and develops to a very smooth fresh very gentlemanly fresh scent in all day long .

However, it's just too powdery and fleurry for me(n) to wear often...especially in public. Finally, just like with my vintage bottle (pre 2012) of Le Male, Fd M projects like a beast and lasts a very long time.

Overall, Fleur du Male is a brilliant and highly underrated and highly overlooked fragrance.

Sadly, a handful of butt-hurt punks are permitted to create dozens or hundreds of accounts just so they can vote down people who vote that it smells similar to Le Male.

I get woods and kind of green harbs i think from camomile It stays for a long time 17 plus its scent bubble is very huge in first three hours then it becomes a arm length smell for the rest of its lifespan Definitely its not for every man .

Sample it before you buy it 8.5/10 Instagram @Aprimaxxi @anaphylactic78 - I am not sure what you're trying to say?

This could be a future classic imo, Kurkdjian is a true master of his craft he has blended a few notes into a magical captivating potion. Kurkdjian very skillfully wished to take this note so potent and marked that he makes with the agreement of the neroli to the more masculine side of the flower, combines perfectly with other substances and manages to produce from the middle notes a clean shirt effect freshly ironed with some shades of Hay and amber, also uses the density of the woods with a marked musky floral aroma like the use of Hedione and Iso E, combines it with a mixture of musks and as a result we obtain this beautiful and clever dried floral aroma with an effect Clean freshly ironed shirt and a dry finale with light soap scent.

One of the more unique scents I have encountered a great added dynamic to my wardrobe. This effect, although it gives us another sensation, is tremendously masculine.

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Regardless, I really did like this fragrance and it has continued to impress me over the years (a Fleurry type of La Male).

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