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I removed her black bra and started sucking her big tits. We together saw a xxx cd and we both got the mood again to have sex.

I placed her on the bed and started sucking her right nipple first , it became hard and erect. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. She holded me tightly and we both lay there for about 15 minutes. I told her to do once more but when she started playing with my ‘thing’, it felt too painful for me. She went to bathroom then, washed it and came back. Then once more we have had our sex but I was so weak then because of last nights ‘work’ and the ‘morning plays’ with my lovely aunt. After that we both had our breakfast and she went her home though it was a holiday..

She was moving her hand lovingly through my hair now. I was sucking one of her boobs and caressing and pinching the other. Really she lived with her husband only for about a month, so she was not enough satisfied with sex. Her walls were too tight for my 8” ‘thing’ to enter fully. I increased my speed and fucked her harder and harder. After that we never tried to continue that relationship. I am sure there is no site whatsoever to compare with it muchless compete withit.

I released her boobs from my mouth and asked her, “How do you feel? When I was fully satisfied enjoying her boobs, I kissed her belly button and kissed all over her tummy. At last I was getting to touch, smell, feel her panty. I smelled it rubbing my nose on it and smooched it. I figured her for about 5 minutes and began to play with my tongue. She was too horny then and was moaning slowly without much noise. I never disrespect her with any extra freedom and she is my respected aunt now also…We never talked of that subject. Anyways I like the aunt stories r my favourite for the simple reason that I've had a couple of liasions myself.

I later began the stir her, she opened her eyes and gave me a wicked smile which conveyed to me that she was sexually satisfied fully. And I lifted her up into my arms and took her into the shower where we had a second round of sex in the bathroom. I am Subin from ernakulam,kerala now working as Software engineer in a private firm at ekm. Daddy told me that they will come only the next day (Sunday) though they have to go somewhere else. I went to a nearby video library and bought 2 blue film cds and was on its hangover. She opened the door of my room and saw me watching the blue film. I was really nervous because I feared that she will tell all those to someone. Then after sometimes she came to my room and asked about my parents. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, suddenly I was feeling hot and shaky(guilt or drain,i know not to this date) she was blushing after fully swallowing my virgin cum and she grinned showing her teeth biting my deflating penis between her teeth. She resumed sucking until I begged her to stop due to pain due to the stimulation immediately after coming. She was aged maybe a little plump on her stomach, but she had beautiful breasts with blood filled nipples jutting out. She undressed her saree and flung it aside,then she did a mild striptease with her blouse hooks.i was straining with my eyes hungry for her next move(guilt replaced by lust)finally after an hour it seemed her blouse came had a white brassiere on with one size less maybe to contain her 39d tits (she explained later)she bent her elbows behind and unhooked her seductive bra. She teased me by slowly wriggling her bra straps off the shoulders.

I came through this site recently and decided to write one of my gr8 experience in life. Infront of our house there was a husband and wife with 3 daughters. Babu uncle was working in dubai and will come on leave once in an year. I placed my hands on her boobs and slowly massaged them. On reching home I went to my room and lied on my bed. I usually masturbated thinking of my aunt and was looking for a chance to have sex with her, though I know it was impossible. When the door got opened I stood up with fear in my face. I tried to pluck it out,and got slapped fondly on my was all too much for me.

She was caressing my hair with her fingers and began to pull my head towards her pussy. I discovered her love hole and started to lick and suckle on it. I pushed my dick slowly into her vagina with a small thrust. She was so short of breath that she started scratching my chest & my back with her nails. My Aunt (my cousin’s wife), named bindhu , 4 years older than me is so good looking with well shaped body . She told me don’t be upset and invited me to her home for dinner. So I refused her call saying that I have had my food in the fridge. I was shocked hearing this and stayed there without saying anything. I was embarrassed at what she'd feel if she found my hard on then it happened, without warning she knelt on the floor, unzipped my zipper, pushed aside my undershorts. Mine wasn't so studly for her, or atleast that was what I eyes were hazy with lust, i guess.

She was said I consider her as sexy I told her yes.

She came close to me and started kissing me on lips , checks and neck.

She shifted the topic to my future plans and about marriage.

I told her no plans for marriage at present since I had settle in my professional life however any good proposal came for girl having qualities like to you, I will consider the things. I told her that she is well educated, settled , working, beautiful and sexy.

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