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They hit it off immediately, moved in together, married, and had a baby of their own, which made nine.

They live in a raucous household just a few miles away."Another lady came to see Stella after escaping her violent former husband. I get a Christmas card from them every year, and postcards from their travels," Stella recalls.

Like the one from the widow with three children who came to see her despairing that she would find love again.

"She had watched her husband being swept out to sea and drowned, and had been devastated by it," Stella recalls. "I put her together with a local widower who had five children of his own and feared no woman would want to take him on.

I was very young and we'd never spent any proper time together.Those Stella has helped over the years include television personalities - although Stella is resolutely declines to name them - and members of the aristocracy.It is the ordinary folk, however, of whom she is most proud, and whose thank-you letters she treasures.When a young Stella Groschel heard of her friend's plans to join a marriage bureau in her search for a husband, she was shocked to the core. I thought it was rather on the dangerous side and something that only really desperate, peculiar people would consider." Since then, however, Stella has learned to see matters from the other side.It was the Forties and, quite simply, respectable girls just didn't do that sort of thing. Now aged 83, she can lay claim to the title of the country's oldest and most long-standing matchmaker, still dispatching affairs of the heart at the country offices of her own dating agency.

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  1. I am a Teen Mother and I love other Teen Mother's story's about how they meet there love,how they ended up getting a girl,or boy. I'm usually at Singles Club or occasionally at Hippies so if you need someone to talk to or just a random conversation about something that makes no sense...

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